Thursday, May 24, 2012

You Are Alone...

Hmm. Its about life again. I used to listen to MJ's song "You are not alone". I believe we tried our best for our life. Sometimes we do sacrifice to people around us. I also believe those sacrifice are come from the bottom of our heart. We are not hoping for any redemption or else but it is dealing with our heart. And again it is because we want do the best not only for our self but to the people around us.

I don't believe in Karma but i do believe in what goes around comes around. Ahaha. It is two different things to me. Being alone. For me beside God, I actually being alone. Most people around me are selfish. A truly selfish. They keep doing things for themselves. Its good i guess and I wish I am one of them.

In this challenging world we are fighting each other to get what we want. Humanity is no longer a subject. The ambitions and the needs are more important than humanity thing. Since that we are now on our own and we actually being alone. Thank God that I believe in God. A God that always be with me.

I really wish that I could be a truly selfish person and i really don't want to think about others. But until now I still fail. A failure to downgrade myself. An attitude of putting me into mess. And for no reason, I always blaming my heart. A heart that I don't wanna belong. I just wanna do a thing. Thing only for myself! I hate selfish people! I hate this cruel world! But I love my God that always be with me here and forever! Insya-Allah.


  1. hoi pacik. huhu. sedih je entry apsal?

  2. meh sini macik nak temankan boleh? hehehehehhe